Code of Conduct

There are 700 students studies in the school from class Vi to XII. Each class has two sections up to class IX. According to school discipline the students enter the school campus with their neat and clean school uniform. During the prayer time the school gate gets closed and reopens after prayer. No one is allowed to enter the school campus while the prayer is going on.

All the students of the school clean their own respective classes and the school campus every week. The N.C.C. and Scout students of higher classes teach the other students to respect their teachers, their parents, their religions and also about self discipline. The cadets also guide them to behave in a cultured manner, as the school is judged by their conduct. The school is not responsible in any way for the cost articles, money or other things.

The school is Bengali Medium and the communication within every one inside the school is in Bengali. But students can speak in other language also during the school periods. The students are directed by the school authority that, they should not accept any article or any others things from any unknown person on the way to school. All the students obey the rules of the school authority.